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About Us

Why Are We Different?

At its core, Angel’s Smile Hospice Inc., offers hope, control, options, empowerment and richness of the spirit by strengthening our patients and their loved ones through our knowledge, education and resources.

Family Oriented Care

Our care is patient and family oriented, which means that those who are closest to you are also involved in our support programs, which makes the road to comfort and peace an easy one.

Quality of Life

We believe that happiness resonates when your needs and wants are met, which is why our services focus on helping you and your family by enhancing the quality of life so that you may live as fully and comfortably as possible, rather than (pursuing) aggressive treatments.

Support and Education

We provide support, education and are here to answer important questions. WE ARE HERE TO HELP! In fact, we are always just a phone call away.

Angel’s Smile Hospice Care

Life is our most precious possession. At Angel’s Smile Hospice Inc. our focus is to give Patients options on how they can cope with advanced terminal illnesses. We focus on how our Patients can live life their way and put us in the position of providing them with what they need, so that their quality of life can reach its full potential.

We Are Here For You


Comprehensive Care

Our staff provides the most compassionate and comprehensive care and believes that having the skills and support to face the challenges and uncertainty can make the journey easier.

Social Worker

A social worker helps address financial issues and with obtaining any governmental support, and if qualified, assists with end-of-life preparations such as funeral and mortuary arrangements.

Spiritual Counselors/Chaplains

Counselors and Chaplains work in conjunction with the patient’s clergy, is available to provide spiritual support for patient and family is available to conduct or attend memorial services.

If you’ve decided hospice care can help you and your family, then getting started is easy.